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Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a MEDICAL emergency,
please dial 911

Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing a DENTAL emergency during regular business hours:
call (678) 392-2209

When a relentless toothache or painful oral pressure occurs, most people will begin to wonder, “How can I get emergency dental care near me?” Knowing who to call when a dental emergency strikes is critical when it comes to managing pain and preventing additional damage to your teeth and gums.

Where to Find an Emergency Dentist

Luckily, the answer to the question, “How can I get emergency dental care near me?” is just a phone call away. At our modern facility, our emergency dentists in Roswell quickly and effectively treat a variety of urgent dental conditions. Whether you’ve accidentally fractured a tooth or are struggling with orthodontic pain, we can help. Don’t wait to see if the issue goes away – give our emergency dental office a call for compassionate, patient-focused care.

What Are Emergency Dental Care Services?

Emergency dentists work to quickly eliminate a patient’s oral pain, identifying the cause and preventing the problem from recurring. Typically, emergency dental services include tooth extractions, oral pain management, and even crown replacement. We provide a full range of urgent dental services, including:

  • Emergency tooth removal
  • Emergency tooth repair for cracked or avulsed teeth
  • Treatment for oral pain and pressure resulting from dental decay or injuries
  • Pain management for wisdom tooth swelling and discomfort
  • Oral infection treatment, including dental abscesses
  • Replacement for broken or lost tooth crowns and restorations
  • Stabilizing metal wires and brackets on orthodontic devices

Calling an Emergency Dentist

I’m unsure if my condition warrants urgent dental care. When should I contact an emergency dental office near me?

Time is of the essence when it comes to receiving emergency dental care. If you’re suffering from any of the following dental problems, call our office and our emergency dentists will see you as soon as possible.

Structurally Damaged Teeth

A tooth that has been broken or fractured should be treated as soon as possible to avoid infection. If jagged tooth edges are causing you discomfort, use dental wax to form a protective barrier between the damaged tooth and your tongue or cheek.

Knocked-Out Tooth

While knocked-out teeth can be frightening, it’s important not to panic if this happens to you. Oftentimes, emergency dentists can reinsert the tooth if the patient seeks help promptly. Gather as many broken tooth pieces as you can, and carefully rinse them with warm water. Hold teeth only by their crowns to avoid additional damage.

Severe Toothaches

A throbbing toothache should never be ignored, particularly if you also have a fever or a sense of pressure. Call our emergency dental office right away to schedule an evaluation.

Oral Sensitivity

While it’s common to experience tooth sensitivity from time to time, severe cases of sensitivity should be examined. A tooth that rapidly becomes hypersensitive may be damaged or infected.


Without proper oral hygiene or dental cleanings, cavities can develop. These large holes in the teeth can cause severe discomfort as they leave the tooth root exposed. Our emergency dentists can treat the cavity and provide pain relief.

Dental Abscesses

When a tooth root becomes infected, it’s known as an abscessed tooth. This painful condition can cause bad breath, fever, swollen neck glands, and a host of other uncomfortable symptoms. Tooth abscesses should receive emergency dental care immediately, as they can cause severe complications.

Misplaced or Dislodged Fillings

Lost or loose fillings often cause oral sensitivity or pain. They can also make the affected tooth more susceptible to tooth decay or damage. If your filling is loose or missing, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Broken or Lost Tooth Crowns and Restorations

Losing or breaking a crown or restoration does more than simply create cosmetic flaws in your smile. Broken crowns or lost restorations leave the area exposed to decay and injury. Visit our emergency dentists for a temporary or permanent solution that restores your smile.

Pain or Injuries from Braces

People who require metal braces may experience orthodontic pain or injuries caused by wires or brackets. If your braces are uncomfortable, our emergency dentists can help by stabilizing your device.

Teeth Grinding

Nighttime teeth grinding can cause extensive damage to your tooth enamel over time. Our dentists can help alleviate the discomfort caused by worn tooth enamel, reinforcing your teeth and providing night guards, if needed.

Sinus Pressure

Sometimes, persistent sinus pressure is caused by a dental problem, such as an infection or an obstructed wisdom tooth. If you have sinus pressure and a toothache simultaneously, it’s important to have your teeth examined by a dentist.

How to Handle a Serious Dental Emergency

My dental injury or condition seems serious. Should I get in touch with an emergency dental office near me, or visit an area hospital?

While our emergency dentists in Roswell treat a host of conditions during regular business hours, some situations require immediate care. Visit the nearest emergency room or call 911 if you experience these symptoms:

  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Severe swelling of the face or gums
  • A painful injury to the head, teeth, jaw, or face

Typical Costs for Emergency Dental Care

The cost of emergency dental services is determined by a variety of factors, so it differs from patient to patient. The total cost will include any surgeries or follow-up appointments needed to fully resolve your symptoms. Our emergency dentists in Roswell accept many payment options, including most dental insurance plans and credit cards. Patients without insurance can also receive affordable urgent care through DentRite®, an easy-to-join dental savings program. DentRite offers Simple Flat Fee pricing, and there’s no cumbersome paperwork required to receive benefits. Give us a call to learn more about our flexible financing options for urgent dental care.

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Excellent staff and excellent care
John M.
comforting staff, dr Hair is very expearienced in his feild. He and his staff were all so kind in a painful time for me. I would reccomend this Dentist to all my friends and family.
Richard C.
Every person at this Dental One Associates location is very professional, personable and dedicated to doing superior dental work. Dr. Hair always takes his time to explain all procedures in detail […]
Cheryl O.
The people there are wonderful! Very nice and take the time to explain what is going on. The office staff was great too! We loved Mrs. Donna!
Amelia W.
Dental One of Roswell was excellent. The front office staff Donna and Pam were friendly and very helpful as were the dental staff and Dr. Hair. Needed treatment given. Treatment not necessary […]
Lori W.
Friendly, helpful staff. Efficient in their (and my) time.
William G.
Great customer service, the dentists are definitely helpful and on top of it too.
Peter N.
Great people…
Mike H.
Friendly, caring staff. Good treatment.
Colleen C.
Great experience and friendly staff and Dr.
Steve L.
The hygienist, Amy, is great!
Jennifer J.
Staff was friendly. They explained everything well and gave me all of my options
David W.
Attentive, nice and they do a great job.
Denise D.
Great Doctor and Staff!
Samantha H.
Great service. Dr. Hair was so helpful and funny. I love his practical solution and explanation of my problem. already resolved. He is really good.
John C.
Love this place! I feel so welcomed and cared for by all who have treated me here. Such a great experience with Amy and Nicole, the SWEETEST women:) I love talking with each of them like I’ve known […]
Emily B.
Every one was so friendly and helpful. Also very efficient. A positive experience all the way around. Thank you.
Colleen C.
My husband and I have tried several dentists over the past 10 years and have finally found one to stay with. Dr Hair is great about explaining what he’s doing, why and most importantly, offering […]
Tammy B.
Had a very positive experience overall. The customer was great, especially since I was a first time visitor. Their staff were all very friendly towards me. All of them seem like seasoned dentists. […]
Michael O.
Everybody at office were nice and friendly.
Shapour K.
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