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How Can Dentures Restore Your Smile?

Losing teeth can cause many dental and personal problems, such as loss of dental function, problems chewing, impaired speech, altered facial appearance, and lower self-esteem. But, you can overcome all of those problems by replacing your missing teeth with dentures. A denture is a dental appliance that uses a removable framework or permanent dental implant to hold any number of artificial teeth. It can withstand years of wear with daily cleaning, so it is a long-term answer for greater dental health and a better quality of life.

Can You Find a Full Selection of Dentures in Roswell?

There is wide variety of dentures on the market today and you can find them all at our dental practice near you. No matter your dental restoration needs or personal denture preferences, our dentists can supply you with affordable quality dentures that are ideal for you. Discover more about the many options we offer below.

How Do You Know If You Need Full or Partial Dentures

If you need to replace all or the majority of your teeth, then you would opt for a full denture. This is also called a complete denture and you have the choice of getting a fixed full denture that is held in place with dental implants or a removable full denture, which sits a top your gums and comes out easily for daily cleanings. With a full denture, you will need to have your dentist extract your remaining teeth and then wear a temporary denture until your gums have fully healed. As soon as your gums are healthy again, the dentist will place the customized permanent denture and make any necessary adjustments.

To replace only one or a few lost teeth and keep all of your remaining healthy teeth, then you would want a partial denture instead. It is built on a structure that resembles a bridge, but rather than being permanent like a bridge, it features a set of metal clasps that let you clip it to your surrounding teeth and take it out easily for nightly cleanings.

Who Should Consider Flexible Partial Dentures?

Anyone that wants a more comfortable and natural-looking denture will find all of these qualities with a flexible partial denture. In place of the very firm base and bright metal of a traditional denture, it is instead formed out of a feather light, limber substance with flexible clasps for added comfort. And the gum-toned color of the denture means that people will only see your attractive, healthy smile.

Why Opt for an All-on-Four Denture?

All-on-Four dentures can supply you with more natural bite strength, as well as the ease and stability of a fixed denture. This advanced dental implant method only requires four dental implants placed into your bottom jawbone to secure a whole set of replacement teeth.

Could Implant-Supported Dentures Be Right for You?

These dentures are firmly held in the mouth by two or four dental implants, rather than loosely resting over your gums like a traditional denture. This kind of denture is typically used to replace lower teeth since your upper jaw doesn’t need the extra support of dental implants. But it must be taken out and cleaned each night, just as you would with a traditional denture.

What Is the General Procedure for Getting Dentures?

Even though the process can vary by your dental health state and personal denture selection, there are still only a couple of steps involved in the entire denture procedure. For most patients, the process begins with our dentist collecting your oral measurements and making impressions of your teeth and gums for accurate denture creation. Then, all of the damaged or diseased teeth you have are removed. Afterward, you are sent home with a temporary denture to be used until your permanent denture is made. For patients getting implant-supported dentures, your dentist will embed your dental implants instead at this time. A few weeks later, when the permanent denture is ready, your dentist will properly place it and make any required adjustments needed to improve function or comfort.

Have You Postponed Replacing Teeth Due to Fear of the Dentures Cost?

You no longer need to suffer with missing teeth if you have a limited budget because our dentists can provide the affordable quality dentures you need. While the cost of dentures is based on the variety you want and the price of the materials, we offer many denture options and our dentists can advise you on the kinds available to suit both your dental and financial needs. Give us a call today to find out how dentures can improve your smile.

What Is the Value of a Soft Denture Reline?

A soft reline is a much softer and more flexible denture lining material than you’ll find on a traditional denture with its hard, acrylic lining. A soft reline can stay supple for a number of years, which will provide long-term relief from common denture sore spots and pain.

Now that you know the many benefits of dentures, would you like to find out if they’re right for you? Call our dental office today for additional information.

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I am very satisfied, they are very efficient and so kind, Dr. Hair is very nice, honest and sincere. I definitely recommend.
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Friendly, helpful staff. Efficient in their (and my) time.
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Dental One of Roswell was excellent. The front office staff Donna and Pam were friendly and very helpful as were the dental staff and Dr. Hair. Needed treatment given. Treatment not necessary […]
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My husband and I have tried several dentists over the past 10 years and have finally found one to stay with. Dr Hair is great about explaining what he’s doing, why and most importantly, offering […]
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Amy, Dr. Hair and other staff members are very professional very courteous and very nice. Staff very knowledgeable in dental health and other issues.
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Customer service, friendly, professional care, services rendered . Top-notch dental Care!
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We are new patients. The office is very nice. The first appointment went well. We are pleased with the hygienist and her assistant. We are happy with Dr. Hair and we will be coming back.
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Everyone was friendly and professional. My teeth feel very clean.
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Awesome dentist and staff! Friendly and personable. Wish i go there every week! Well not really but every 4 months is great too!
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Very friendly, very professional, best dental experience I ever had.
Great service. Dr. Hair was so helpful and funny. I love his practical solution and explanation of my problem. already resolved. He is really good.
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They fit me in for dental service when I need it. Dr. Hair is very good and great at dealing with wary patients.
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Dr Hair is fantastic. Always methodical and very conscientious .
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Great people…
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You all are very good that’s why I rated a 10
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