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Invisalign® in Roswell, GA

If you’re dissatisfied with the alignment of your teeth, but don’t want to deal with metal or ceramic braces, Invisalign® in Roswell may be a great solution for you. Learn more about Invisalign to discover whether it could be an effective solution for your needs.

The Invisalign Difference

Invisalign is an effective treatment for a range of orthodontic problems, including crowded teeth, overbite, crooked teeth, and more. This virtually invisible and easy-to-use treatment relies on a series of customized, clear aligners to gradually produce a straighter smile. The aligner trays are made from smooth, BPA-free plastic that glides easily over the teeth with no discomfort. Patients wear the aligners for approximately 20-22 hours each day for roughly two weeks, then the trays are replaced with a new set of aligners. Since the aligners are removed when eating or drinking, you’ll be able to enjoy whatever foods you choose, while attaining a straighter, more attractive smile.

The Cost of Invisalign

Invisalign aligners are personalized to the nature of the problem they’re designed to correct. Your personal Invisalign cost will vary depending on the amount of time you require treatment, your insurance coverage, and the severity of the orthodontic problem or problems that need to be corrected. Our Invisalign experts will consult with you regarding the exact cost of treatment, explain your payment options, and answer any questions you may have.

How Soon Does Invisalign Show Results?

As with most orthodontic treatments, the duration of time you’ll be required to wear your Invisalign aligners depends on your specific needs. For most adults, the average length of treatment for Invisalign is one year. If your orthodontic problems are more severe, you may need to wear the aligners longer. Most adult patients complete the treatment within two years. Only an experienced Invisalign dentist, however, can determine the exact time required to achieve the best results.

Where to Find an Experienced Invisalign Dentist

Always use a licensed dentist to ensure your oral health. At Dental One Associates of Roswell, you’ll find a licensed dentist with specific Invisalign experience. This proper knowledge and training allows us to customize the clear aligners that will be essential to effective treatment. Our Invisalign dentist can provide a treatment plan to help you get the straightest smile in the least possible amount of time.

Why Choose Invisalign Over Braces?

The major reason for choosing Invisalign is appearance. Many adults choose Invisalign due to the transparent, unobtrusive nature of the aligners. This can be particularly important for those with careers. In addition to the appeal of a metal-free smile, another important consideration is how well Invisalign can address your particular orthodontic concerns. Although Invisalign is a proven solution for mild to moderate orthodontic problems, metal braces may be a better choice for more severe issues. Our dentist will assess each case individually, so you can rest assured that we’ll recommend the best course of treatment for you.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign in Roswell offers many great benefits beyond a straighter, healthier, and more perfect smile. Some of the benefits you can expect with Invisalign include:

  • The confidence of a metal-free smile
  • Eating and drinking whatever you choose
  • Removable trays for easier brushing and flossing
  • The need to visit the dental office just once every four to six weeks

Will Invisalign Work for My Needs?

Although Invisalign can be an effective treatment option for adults, not all patients will be a good fit. In general, Invisalign works well for most adults with mild to moderate misalignment of the teeth. Invisalign is not recommended for children since their mouths are still growing, and it can be difficult to find a good fit. Adults should consult with our dentists to determine whether Invisalign would be a good fit for you. Just call our office to get started.

Is Invisalign Covered by Insurance?

Check with your insurance provider to determine whether your plan provides coverage for Invisalign. Many plans provide the same coverage for clear aligners as they do for conventional braces. If your insurance plan proves to be the exception, our convenient payment plans can be a smart alternative. We’ll help you receive the treatment you need at an affordable monthly cost. Call us for the straight facts on how Invisalign in Roswell can help you achieve the healthier, more attractive smile you desire.

What Happens After Invisalign Treatment?

After you’ve achieved the beautiful results you’ve hoped for, you’ll continue to use Invisalign retainers to maintain your straighter teeth. Other than that, simply brush, floss, and use an antiseptic mouthwash. You should also visit our office regularly for oral exams and cleanings.

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Staff is very helpful and friendly. Waiting room and exam areas are clean and well setup. I’ve been coming here for many years now and I’ve never had a bad experience.
Matt B.
They fit me in for dental service when I need it. Dr. Hair is very good and great at dealing with wary patients.
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Every person at this Dental One Associates location is very professional, personable and dedicated to doing superior dental work. Dr. Hair always takes his time to explain all procedures in detail […]
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Great service. Dr. Hair was so helpful and funny. I love his practical solution and explanation of my problem. already resolved. He is really good.
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The doctors were excellent and the treatment is good , the treated me with more patience through out the process and the appointment scheduling is also flexible.
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Dental One of Roswell was excellent. The front office staff Donna and Pam were friendly and very helpful as were the dental staff and Dr. Hair. Needed treatment given. Treatment not necessary […]
Lori W.
You all are very good that’s why I rated a 10
Nathaniel C.
We are new patients. The office is very nice. The first appointment went well. We are pleased with the hygienist and her assistant. We are happy with Dr. Hair and we will be coming back.
Ina M.
Great Doctor and Staff!
Samantha H.
I only come for cleanings and recently came for more dental work. They wait was longer and the energy was different this round than other times. Perhaps it was because different staff and the actual […]
Evie F.
My husband and I have tried several dentists over the past 10 years and have finally found one to stay with. Dr Hair is great about explaining what he’s doing, why and most importantly, offering […]
Tammy B.
Customer service, friendly, professional care, services rendered . Top-notch dental Care!
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Great staff. Quick visits.
Johnna W.
Love this place! I feel so welcomed and cared for by all who have treated me here. Such a great experience with Amy and Nicole, the SWEETEST women:) I love talking with each of them like I’ve known […]
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Friendly, caring staff. Good treatment.
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Hygienist Amy is excellent in her job, knowledgeable and professional.
Panagiotis C.
Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They also gave me a great price and were very timely. Definitely recommend.
Susan F.
Excellent staff and excellent care
John M.
I am very satisfied, they are very efficient and so kind, Dr. Hair is very nice, honest and sincere. I definitely recommend.
Jennifer A.
Everyone from receptionists, hygeniest to the doctor were warm and caring. Big fan of Amy who explained everything in a very positive and helpful manner.
Anne B.
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